About Us

Ed Halmagyi – After nearly fifteen years in media as a TV presenter and host, author, radio host and photographer, Ed knows better than most what it takes to tell your next great story. Ed’s pedigree as one of Australia’s favourite TV chefs allows him unique insights into the foods and creative processes that really connect with consumers. As a photographer Ed’s work has been published in magazines around the world in addition to cookbooks. His effortless, naturally-lit style resonates with his core philosophy that when you do less the ingredients can do more.


Leah Halmagyi – Leah’s professional background in graphic design and creative media makes her your best contact point at Roughcut Studio. As studio manager and creative consultant, she can help facilitate your booking, specific needs, and provide unique insights into how best to tell your story. Leah is also available for post production treatment of your images, and or broader consultation on your creative journey.


If you have any questions please call us:

Ed: 0402 588 585

Leah: 0432 733 965